The things I’ve noticed

Disclaimer: I feel that it would only be necessary to talk about the differences of Emma Willard compared to my home school, GFS.

Hi everyone! I’ve been loving my time at Emma Willard so far and I wish that I could stay longer. I’ve met so many people and have made great friends and memories. Although I love it here, there have been a few things that I’ve noticed that are different from my home school, GFS. A few things that have stuck out to me have been, of course being at an all girls school and living as a boarder. Being at an all girls school is and isn’t very from being at a co-ed school. I feel as though all of the girls are a lot closer and can truly be themselves, without having to worry about acting different for boys or impressing a male presence. The girls are more open talking about things that, as a girl you wouldn’t feel comfortable talking about at a co-ed school. I really am enjoying the all girls aspect of Emma Willard. Being a boarder here is also a very different experience for me. I’ve personally never been away from home so it was a little bit hard for me at first. After last Friday night the homesick feeling wore off and I started to feel a lot better. I still do miss my parents and my friends from home but it’s not enough to make my trip a miserable experience. I manage to talk to my parents at least once every day as well as communicate with my friends. Being a boarder here is a lot of fun and it’s easier to make friends because you live so close to everyone. You really connect with people faster because you see them at least once a day. I personally love being a boarder, I have a lot of freedom and the house parents are very nice (I’ll leave an explanation about what a house parent is at the bottom of this post). In the beginning of my trip I felt really out of my comfort zone. I had to make new friends and I was surrounded by unfamiliar faces. Lucky, everyone here is so welcoming and accepting so I made friends within two days of being here. Even my roommate and I, who I didn’t know at all have become very close. I am so pleased with everything here and I’m so grateful that I was given the opportunity to be apart of this program. I have made memories that will stick with me for a life time and I could not be happier. Until tomorrow!

Xx- Layah


House Parent: A woman who works at Emma Willard and is a parental figure in each of the girls’ on her halls lives. This woman checks in on the girls during study hours and makes sure that the girls are having a good time here at school. All of the house parents are wonderful!


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