The great disco party

Today was like any other school day. The day went by really fast and I had a lot of fun. After school I waited for my roommate to get home then we did our laundry together and went upstairs to hang out with the other freshman. Once everyone hung out together we got dinner then went to our room. I talked to my very good friend, Ellie for about an hour and a half on Skype and I even introduced her to my roommate. Emma and Ellie discussed the tv show Friends and Ellie asked Emma questions about Ohio. When Ellie had to go, my friend Abby texted Emma and I and invited us to go visit her and Bhaji upstairs. While we were upstairs we went around to other people’s dorm and asked them if they wanted to hang out with us. Lucky people did and my friend Liz joined us. Once we were done walking around we went back to Bhaji’s room to listen to music. Bhaji really likes Lana Del Rey, so we listened to a lot of her music and Bhaji even showed us the disco ball in her room. We had a great time doing interpretive dances, singing, and talking. After our mini party Emma and I said goodnight and walked downstairs to check in and get ready for bed. Even though I had fun today, there were some very slow moments. Tomorrow I am going to the mall with Emma and Emma Willard is hosting an event. I’m very excited for both of these things and I should have a lot of fun!

– Layah



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