Productive Tuesday

I have to be honest and say that today was a very productive day. I had a free right after lunch so I got to hangout in my room for about an hour and a half to two hours, which was nice. During my free I did homework and watch videos. After my free I only had one more class left, which was english. In english class we read a poem called On the Subway by Sharon Olds and had a very interesting discussion about racial stereotypes. I really enjoyed hearing everyone’s opinions in class along with analyzing the deeper meaning of the poem. After school, I went straight to the library to get homework done and print somethings out. An hour or so passed and then I went back to my room to go to dinner with my roommate. Then the night proceeded as it usually does, I took a shower and got ready for study hall. During study hall, since I didn’t have anymore homework I listened to Tyler Oakley’s podcast while looking for a new computer as well as computer stickers. Again, I had another uneventful day due to a school night but that is okay because I got a lot of things done today. I am very excited for tomorrow because I get to sleep late tomorrow and I am going on a trip with the theatre program to Empac theatre, so that should be a lot of fun!

– Layah


A Snowy Monday at Emma Willard

Apparently last night it snowed, so I woke up to see the whole campus covered in snow. I went to bed a little later than usual yesterday so I decided that it would only be right to wake up later. That turned out to be a bad idea because I ended up getting to breakfast really late and having to eat by myself. Other than having to eat by myself, my day was pretty average. I went to all of my classes and even had an hour long free, which was nice. During my free I got to go back to my dorm and listen to music while getting some homework done. I also went to the library to print something out and during my trip there I was able to take beautiful pictures of the campus while it was snowing. After school I did all of my homework and got to go to the school shop to get some emma willard gear. I bought a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt that has the school logo on it and I was so excited about buying these things that I put the sweatpants on immediately. Once I was done all of my homework and I ate dinner I went back upstairs to my room to take a shower and get ready for study hall. Now it is 9:22pm and I had nothing to do but watch creative wedding dances on YouTube, and to be completely honest I’m having a great time doing that! Like I said earlier, nothing too excited happened today but it was still a good day. I’m ready to see what happens tomorrow!!

– Layah




Layah VS The Washing Machine

Today was like any normal Sunday, relaxing and very calm. I began today with a late start, waking up at 9:30am then immediately getting ready to face the day. Because I knew that today was going to be very relaxing, I decided to spend the day in sweatpants, a very comfortable shirt, and Uggs. After I got ready and ate my delicious breakfast, waffles with whipped cream and bacon I went to one of the lounges in the freshman hall with my friends. While we were there we watched dance mom’s clips, cat videos, and beauty videos. Once everyone dispersed to get ready for the day ahead of them, a couple of girls and I went to the lunch room to get lunch and then back to my dorm to talk and do homework. I had a very interesting conversation today with a girl named Claire about feminism and women’s rights. Claire even showed me a video about Emma Watson speaking about her campaign He is She. Emma Watson spoke about how without men understanding what feminism is and standing up to promote feminism then it will take women at the very least 50 years to obtain equality in a social and political standpoint. I thought that Claire’s views on Emma Watson’s speech were insightful and she made very good points. Once the two girls, Claire and Grace left our room, Emma and I went on a trip to CVS. At CVS we bought snacks and things we needed for our dorm. Even though we were just going to CVS, I had a lot of fun with Emma and I think that she is a funny person to talk to. Once our adventure to CVS came to an end I went to do something that I’ve never done before, laundry. When I am home my mom and stepdad will do my laundry if they are doing their own so it’s very rare that I’ll ever have to do it myself. To start off this “amazing” trip, I got lost and couldn’t find the laundry room. Because I’m stubborn and am trying to be independent I wondered around for a while before giving up and just asking a girl in the hallway.The girl was very nice and she gave me directions and even walked me half way. When I arrived I felt confident until I looked at all of the buttons on the machine and then I quickly realized that I had no idea what was going on. I took a quick picture of the washing machine’s buttons and sent it to my step-dad with a message attached saying that I needed help. I talked to my step-dad on the phone for a little bit while he guided me through the process. The good thing about the laundry room is that there is more than one washer and dryer so I was able to wash and dry multiple things at one time. After my little fiasco with the washing machine I went back to my room to write two poems for english class. Even though today was sort of uneventful, I still had a very good day. I’m excited to see what’s in store for tomorrow!

– Layah




Sight seeing adventure

Being as though today is Saturday, it is my first weekend here at Emma Willard! I decided to sleep in today and then go and eat brunch with some friends. After I ate brunch I went back to my room for a few hours before going to my first weekend activity. The activity that I chose to do was go on a tour of Troy, and it was so insightful. A few other girls and myself traveled in a van around Troy and learned about historical sights and we even stopped to get bagels and hot chocolate. Some sights that were particularly interesting to me were the Impact Theatre and the Sage University for Women. Both of those places have beautiful architecture and an astounding historical background. I had also really liked the coffee shop that we stopped at. The shop was very cool and it had a vintage 80’s theme to it. Once everyone was done drinking their coffee we headed back out on our tour and then returned to Emma Willard. Tonight I am going to a dance/roller skating/ basketball event at a school called Salisbury. I’m very excited for the event but I’m also kind of nervous. I’m excited to meet new people and socialize but I’m nervous because I’m not good at roller skating. I’m confident that it will be fun and that I will have a great time! Below are some pictures of the tour of Troy that I went on today. I hope that you enjoy the pictures!!!

Xx- Layah





Friday Funtivities

I had the best day today! I talked with my advisor, Mrs. Mossop to create my schedule for the next two weeks. I also talked to her about clubs. I have decided that I’m going to join Feminista (feminist club), GSA (SAGA), and Campus Players (theater club). All of the clubs seem very interesting and fun so I’m very excited to be apart of them. After I talked to Ms. Mossop I went to one of my weekend activities. Weekend activities are activities that boarders sign up for. The activities consist of going to East Greenwich plaza, rollerskating, skiing, going shopping at the mall, taking a tour of Troy, ect. The activities I signed up for this weekend are going to East Greenwich plaza, rollerskating, and taking a tour of Troy. Today I just went to the plaza with my roommate and a few girls from the school. We went to target to get snacks and clothes and then we went to Panera to get dinner. All of the girls were very funny and they told us about traditions at Emma Willard as well as stories from their personal lives. After eating dinner, we got into the school van and traveled back to school. The girls who I went to Panera with, Liz, Elizabeth, Emma, and Bhaji came to my dorm and talked to my roommate and I for a while. We got food, sang songs, painted each other’s nails, and talked. I have a lot in common with all of the girls and I’m very glad that I met them. I had a very fun and eventful day today and I’m excited to see what’s in store for tomorrow.

Xx- Layah

My First Full Day

Today was my first full day at Emma Willard! I started the day off going to East Asian History and it was a lot of fun. We didn’t do much learning today because the girls who go to school here are starting a new semester, so today was more of an introduction. After that I had english, math, physics, and spanish. Each of those classes talked about what all of the girls will be learning this semester. After school was over I headed to my room to drop some things off and then straight to the library to go and get some work done. The library here is a very comfy area and it even has a fire place in it. I stayed in the library for a little over an hour then I went to dinner with my roommate and a few other people. At dinner I met two girls named Liz and they were both very nice and told really funny stories. Once we all ate dinner we headed up stair’s to one of the Liz’s rooms and watched Youtube videos, talked, and exchanged Instagram information. After our little hang out session my roommate, Emma and I walked to our room to get settled for study hall. Study hall takes place from 7:30pm-9:30pm and it is a designated time for all of the students to stay in one place, whether it be the library or your room and study. Since Emma and I don’t have any work we just got to know each other a little better, watched movies, and talked to our friends from back home. I started out today being really nervous but I am a lot more calm now. Tomorrow I get to shadow my other sponsor, Cindy and see what her classes are like. Until tomorrow, everyone!

Xx- Layah




Travel Day

Hi again everyone! So today is my first day at Emma Willard. I arrived here around 4:30pm and I met my sponsors, Sarah and Cindy. Sarah showed me around the school and helped me out with my schedule a lot. The school is so beautiful and it literally looks like Hogwarts! I’m really confused about where a lot of classes are but I’ll get accustomed to everything soon enough. Everyone here is so welcoming and nice so I think that I’ll make friends fast. Two things that I’m a little worried about are classes and making sure that I get up earlier enough to take a shower. I think that I’ll take my showers at night so that I won’t have to worry about trying to rush in and out of the bathroom in the morning. Also so far as classes go, if I ever don’t know where anything is at then I can always ask someone in the hallway. I’m very excited because tonight we are celebrating some of the girls’ birthdays with ice cream and waffles! I’m looking forward to my stay here at Emma Willard!