An introduction

Hi everyone! My name is Layah Taylor. I’m a ninth grader at Germantown Friends School and I live in Philadelphia. This is a blog that I created for my trip to the Emma Willard School in Troy, New York. I plan on taking a lot of pictures as well as keeping everyone who looks at this blog updated on what I did that day. I’m looking forward to attending Emma Willard but I’m a little bit nervous about being away from my friends and family for so long. I think after the first few days I’ll be more familiar with the school. Anyway, today is the day before I leave and because I’m a “smart” person I decided to leave all of my packing until the day before. It shouldn’t be too bad because I know all of the outfits and things I’m bringing, I just have to put it in my luggage. So I’m in the process of packing right now. Also incase you were wondering, it’s snowing here in Philadelphia and I’m very scared that for some reason my flight tomorrow will be delayed. I doubt that, that will happen though because I leave at one in the afternoon. Ok so here is my pre-trip post and I’ll be back tomorrow with how my day was, what I am looking forward to, what I’m nervous about, and more. So goodbye for now!

Xx -Layah